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El Bonito’s is not a restaurant or even a small diner, it is merely a pizza food cart business, but as far as food carts go, they have one of the better tasting pizzas I have ever had.

It being a franchise food cart business here in the Philippines, you may probably find one in your local mall near you. For our part we have one inside Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, and another inside Puregold Cainta. Those interested in this particular food business do visit their site.

They have five available flavors but for the moment I will only review one of my favorite pizza flavor they have which is “Plenty-O-Pepperoni”.

Notwithstanding the tacky “mascot” on their business name and pizza boxes, this particular flavor has an outstanding taste.  The crust is approximately 13in. x 9in. and about 1/2in. in thickness. As you can see from the photos, they are cleverly divided into 8 equal parts.

The bell peppers, onion slices, and mushrooms are generous enough to give an impact on the general taste of the whole pizza, which is pepperoni. The centerpiece of the pizza, and all of their other flavors in fact, is surprisingly the cheese.

I have no way of knowing whether or not they actually use mozzarella cheese but I can tell you for a fact that the cheese they put on the crust has near the consistency and somewhat the taste of it. Either way, the cheese goes well with everything else on it.

There is only one size of pizza which I have described earlier, and they all cost the same thing. A very reasonable Php 200.00 (approximately $4.65). I tell you, two slices of these pizzas will fill you well enough, that is if you don’t always pig out whenever you eat.

Far from the “Ultimate PIZZA Experience”, In conclusion though, this economical, tasty and reasonably filling food is well worth the money paid for it.

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