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Let’s Dough It! The name of the bakery is a little too cheesy for me, but on second thought, for a pastry shop it makes perfect sense. Regrettably I have not much information on this remarkably delightful pastry shop except the wonderful experience I had dining in it.

This particular branch is inside Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta, Rizal, Philippines, for our foreign friends. Hopefully they build more in the coming years because their prices are unbelievably affordable.

As you can see from the humble but classy atmosphere and furnishings, it is quite relaxing to eat there. I’m almost glad that people have not flocked to this establishment because I do not like crowds when I eat, it bothers my digestion, unlike some better known bakeshops that have a constant stream of people going in. There is nothing worse than the feeling of people wishing you’d hurry up and leave so they can eat as well.

Before I begin describing one of the products they offer I feel I need to explain our local favorite bread which is the ”pandesal” to our international tourists. Pandesal is a sweet and salty bun sprinkled with flour before baking to give it a unique flaky texture.

Okay, now I can get on with the review of their bunwhich. They have eight flavors of which I ordered two of my favorites, Ham and Egg and Ham and Cheese. The size is about a regular hamburger bun, which is enormous for a “pandesal” that is usually just about the size of a huge duck’s egg.

As for the taste, I don’t know what it really is but the combination of the scrambled eggs and ham on their bread is utterly delicious. The ham and eggs combo isn’t too bad either. Priced both at Php 36.00 each (approximately $ 0.83), with an option to get a tall glass of iced tea for an additional Php 5.00 ($ 0.12 in U.S.), a real steal if you ask me.

Now I cannot, in good conscience, tell you about the incredibly affordable iced tea without giving our foreign friends a warning that by my taste, the tea is made from the concentrate pack which means it contains artificial sweeteners, a real concern in other countries. And the bargain drink is only available for dine-in customers, but other than that the pastries we ordered tasted great.

As for the small Black Forest cake we ordered it was about 7 inches in diameter and about 4 inches thick. I would have liked it to have been richer and a bit more dense, but with a Php 260.00 price tag ( approximately $ 6.08), a clear Php 75.00 cheaper than the leading bakeshop’s equivalent, I really don’t mind.

And that’s not even the best part. If you chance to buy their products at closing time their breads are buy one take one and their cakes are 30% off.

Finally, I’d say the price paid for their cakes and pastries are more than worth it. Give them a try and find yourself pleasantly satisfied.

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