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According to their website, they supposedly started in 1987, but even they admit that pizza was not on their original meal lineup. So I kind of have a hard time accepting the actual time-frame they claim to have started. Nevertheless this simple mom and pop enterprise grew into another franchise company. In most instances, making a food based business into a franchise usually means bastardizing your product, and it seems to be still true here.

I first encountered their products around early 2000 which I first mistook for 3M Pizza. To our foreign friends please try not to laugh because here in the Philippines it is not a brand of adhesive tapes only but also a pizza brand. At that time Lots’A Pizza still tasted pretty good. Once again, I am not a hundred percent sure they actually use mozzarella cheese then but it was kind of gummy, salty and white, much like true mozzarella. Now though, I could almost guarantee they just use the cheap processed cheese food in the market, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let us first start with the area of this particular branch located in Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. As you can see in the photos it is quite spacious but not particularly private since it is merely an open space inside the mall, no dividers or anything. I didn’t mind though because the fact that most often you can find an empty table more than makes up for the ambiance. I never enjoy eating at congested places.

Now to begin with the food review.  My overall verdict for the Purebeef Special Pizza was bad. Filling? Yes. Satisfying? No. The beef pellets, green bell peppers and sliced mushrooms were fine, the pizza sauce seemed okay, and the pizza dough was a bit dry and crunchy for my taste but what could have fused these ingredients into something worthwhile eating, as well as paying for, was mozzarella cheese. Instead they opted for ordinary processed cheese food which didn’t even bind them because the darn thing ran like snot as most cheese food does when heated.

The most prominent taste from this pizza was the sauce which was slightly sour and a bit sweet, lacking the tang and saltiness of cheese which I believe defines most pizzas. At Php 249.00 (U.S.$ 5.83) this 18 inch pizza is a bargain, but a bargain I wouldn’t recommend.

The Baked Macaroni was bland. No real flavor I could distinguish from what they claim has the creaminess of different cheeses. The individual serving was generous, to be fair, but the lack in taste isn’t worth the Php 55.00 (U.S.$ 1.29) we paid for.

The Carbonara was in the same state. Same generous portions, same tasteless sauce, and at Php 59.00 (U.S.$ 1.38) it was even more disappointing since it was a bit more expensive. The only thing I found worthwhile about the pasta was the packaging. Even the paper cups for the iced tea at Php 20.00 a pop (U.S.$ 0.47) was adorable. I wish they’d make mugs because I’d certainly buy them. Too bad, maybe they should shift to selling coffee mugs.

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