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A food franchise usually means the decline of taste from the original recipe which made the restaurant or diner well-known in the first place. With Sbarro restaurants, however, they have managed to keep the taste as close to Italian dishes as far as I can tell. How Sbarro, a New York Italian restaurant, came to the Philippines is an interesting read as well. If you’re curious read it here.

The branch we ate at is located in Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. A little cramped in terms of space but the place is still cozy and conducive to eating. They have three types of pizzas, each with several variations. There’s the New York Style, Gourmet Pan Pizza, and the Stuffed & Deep Dish kind.

I ordered the New York Style Supreme Pizza, but the manager’s suggestion to make it a thin crust was probably not the best idea. The pizza tasted fine, real mozzarella, Italian sausage, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni. The thin crust, however, made the pizza less filling than what I wanted. At Php 660.00 ( US$ 15.24) per whole pizza, better get the thick crust, unless you’re figure conscious. The one thing I do find worth noting is that their crusts are freshly made, as the pizza maker in the picture was doing.

Good thing I also ordered two slices of Plain Cheese Cakes which I shared equally with my family, otherwise I would’ve left the place disappointed, paying a premium by my country’s standard, but leaving as if I just had a snack. Each slice of the Plain Cheese Cake costs Php 70.00 (US$ 1.62), but I suggest you pop for the extra toppings of either blueberry, mango, cherry or chocolate which would cost Php 6.00 (US$ 0.14) if you have a sweet tooth.

My rating for this particular food I ordered is 4 out of 5 stars, just because I didn’t exactly get what I wanted.

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