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For those who are still unfamiliar with our dish Tapsilog, it is an abbreviation of three words: Tapa, Sinangag and Itlog. Tapa is the Filipino version of Beef Jerky, though sometimes we also use pork. Sinangag is simply fried garlic rice and Itlog means egg, fried egg to be exact.

This type of dish is quite popular here in the Philippines because of our staple diet of rice. To our foreign friends, try it and you will definitely like it. Although it is not fine dining cuisine by any stretch (for cripes sake it’s beef jerky) the mixture of the salty, sweet flavor of the Tapa, along with the aroma of fried garlic, as well as the addition of a little vinegar to taste is most delectable.

I was much surprised that they already have numerous outlets since it is my first time to see this particular establishment. And if you’re wondering if they are into franchising just visit this link to get all the details.

The look for each branch is very rustic yet still attractive. This particular diner is located along the stretch of Gil Fernando Avenue in Marikina City, near where it meets up the Marcos Highway. Definitely not high brow but with this kind of food it’s very appropriate. I wouldn’t mind acquiring the type of benches and tables they use for my own.

Here is what Tapsilog looks like. The portions may not be plenty but for something that costs Php 45.00 (US$ 1.04) it’s not a bad deal. For those who wish to add more rice (like most Filipinos do) an additional cup of fried rice is Php 15.00 (US$ 0.35). Along with the food each customer also gets a glass of iced tea, the liter pack type drink, but it’s only available for dine-in customers. The beef broth that came with the food tasted well. I mean it won’t win any awards but at least it tasted like beef, unlike some diners which just tasted like salt or fish sauce.

This is not the only item on the menu of course. There are variations of the fried garlic rice and fried egg dish with varying meats that go with it. And if you’re wondering if they deliver, yes. Just look for the nearest branch here on the list I’ve posted.

While we were eating there, I noticed a poster mounted on the wall that shows that the franchise was good enough to be featured in a local food commentary show. So I know I’m not the only one saying the food here is very edible and enjoyable.

The staff may not look much but at least they were very attentive when we dined there. I definitely would recommend this place to anyone who wants to eat cowboy style.

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