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One term comes to mind when I saw this classy looking diner: Deceptive. Indeed just by looking at the place you’d think it was like the restaurants in Makati serving thousand dollar plates. Good thing they have an extremely huge menu placed near their doors. The dishes are totally affordable when you think about it.

Just take a gander at the atmosphere this diner exudes. Doesn’t it feel like fine dining? The creamy white color theme, the wooden furnishings and the stone layered walls all give the place an elegance that is more common in high brow dining.

Oh here’s an unexpected bonus, since this restaurant is located on the top floor of Robinson’s Metro East in Pasig, it is strategically placed exactly where the mall’s free Wi-fi can be accessed. Good for browsing when you’re waiting for your meal.

With the affordable prices posted on their menu I was expecting the servings to be small, they weren’t. The Roast Mary Chicken Quarter at Php 160.00 ( US$ 3.83) was exactly a quarter of a medium sized chicken. Even if I didn’t order the extra rice costing Php 20.00 ( US$ 0.48) a cup I would have been full, a hindsight I wouldn’t repeat.

The chicken meat was roasted fine, but could have been a bit juicier. If I’m not mistaken it was cooked in the traditional “roast chicken with rosemary, thyme and lemon” recipe. It smelled divine, but could have been basted longer to give the white meat some more flavors. The gravy helped a lot. I would have wanted baked potatoes with it which is the norm for this dish; instead they have a side order of steamed vegetables of carrots and lettuce.

The Korean Style Beef Stew costing Php 175.00 ( US$ 4.19) tasted better. As you’d expect from most oriental dish, it was a bit sweet, sour and salty. Both dishes included a small glass of lemon iced tea, too small for the average Caucasian I fear, they would probably compare it to free taste samples, the good thing is it tasted like it was made from real tea leaves and not instant.

So my overall rating for the restaurant is five stars. The Roast Mary Chicken Quarter I give three and a half stars and the Korean Style Beef Stew four stars.

Just a last minute tip, if you prefer a quiet meal try eating before or after lunch time because it could get crowded, not fast food crowded but still quite dense.

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