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The first time I ate here was with a close family friend in the 80’s. It was a restaurant size area they rented inside SM Department Store Cubao which I distinctly remember because of the oddity of it eating near racks of clothes. At the time I really didn’t enjoy the meal, either they haven’t gotten the recipes to the level of excellence they have today or my taste buds haven’t developed the taste for finer dishes. Suffice to say that this time around I thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

Ambiance wise, it’s as cozy as any space rented inside the center isle of a mall. What probably pulled it off was the choice of furniture and tasteful decor. This one was inside Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall.

Now let’s get to the meat of this review; the food. They have several packaged meals that they call “Favoritos”.  Each meal consisting of one cup of plain rice, one main dish, a generous bowl of what is the soup of the day, a tall glass of iced tea and two mini cream puffs costing a mere Php149.00 (US$ 3.57); a steal by any standard, especially after having a taste of their dishes.

It so happened that the soup of the day was Cream of Chicken, and let me tell you, it was superb. It was thick and had enough pieces of chicken and portions of potatoes to make a snack.

The Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet were as what you would anticipate it to be, very tangy and the breaded fish fillet were done well. Vegetables included in the dish were carrots and green bell pepper. Three out of five stars.

The Ala King meal was scrumptious; creamy sauce with tender chicken chunks as well as bell pepper, carrots and button mushrooms. Four out of five stars.

What really won me over was their Spicy Chicken Strips meal. From what I can taste, they used curry to spice up the tender chicken strips and sliced bean sprouts. Five out of five stars.

The desserts consisting of two mini cream puffs were just the right portions for me. They were delicious and enough to sate the urge after such a succulent feast. Four out of five stars.

I am looking forward to review more meals from this restaurant. Five stars for this restaurant.

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