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This would be the second time I’ve eaten inside Papa John’s and I’ve never had a complaint regarding the food served here. The service where last I ate could have been better though.

This branch is located in Greenhills, San Juan, Philippines. The place is amply spacious as you can see from the photos. And for smokers (by the way, please stop) there’s an open area for you folks too.

Allow me to share what I noticed posted on the wall as I was digesting our meal. It seems that John Schnatter, an Indiana native, founder and owner of Papa John’s, had to sell his Chevrolet Camaro Z28 for US$ 2,800 in 1983 to help his father’s struggling drinking pub, Mick’s Lounge. Here he is in short shorts and the actual car.

From that he managed to keep it going and started selling pizzas as well. Read the history from the website. He eventually got his prized car back by giving a hefty reward to the tune of US$ 250,00 which is an interesting read as well. Here he is reunited with his beloved vehicle.

So let me start with my review on what we had. We ordered the refillable lemon iced tea at Php 89.00 (US$ 2.10). I’m not sure how much I consumed but I know it was not less than four. I estimate each glass was about 350 to 500 ml. of real tea, not instant, so I’d think it was a pretty good deal. My only critique would be that the employees were a bit too preoccupied with other things to continually refill our glasses, and that was when we were the only ones eating there.

Now for the pizza review, we ordered the Super Papa’s. A 14 inch pizza topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, mushroom, onions, bell pepper and black olives on mozzarella, it was a tasty, satisfying meal. Priced at Php 610.00 (US$ 14.41), it was big enough to feed three men or four women, depending of course how much the females eat. My rating for the pizza is five out of five stars.

You can bet we’ll always come back to Papa John’s for their excellent meals.

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