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For those who are crazy about pastries, I’d say Red Ribbon was always secondary to the more popular competition here in the Philippines, understandable since the competition is a clear 13 years ahead in its origins. However, Red Ribbon is clearly gaining grounds in the market with its competitive marketing strategies. Specially now with locations in California,
Las Vegas, Arizona, New Jersey and New York.

Red Ribbon was claimed to have started in 1979 in Quezon City, Philippines as a hobby, not as a serious business according to their official website. Unfortunately that is all I have learned, no mention of the original owners which I fear was part of the contract when Jollibee Foods Corporation bought the steadily growing company.

Luckily I think they have maintained the look and have improved, to my mind, the taste of Red Ribbon’s pastries. Another aspect of this business I appreciate is that they haven’t succumbed to the fastfood system of packing in customers making the restaurant look more like a feeding trough event than a pleasant eating experience which I feel is essential to appreciate a meal. This one is inside Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall in Cainta.

First meal package on my review list is the Creamy Carbonara Meal. It wasn’t bad for something worth Php 160.00 (US$ 3.80) which included a generous slice of chocolate cake and a glass of soda. It could have been made creamier though, maybe a bit more cream in the sauce and a few more bacon bits should do it. The chocolate cake was excellent, moist and just the right sweetness. I give it three and a half stars out of five.

Next would be the Honey-Glazed Pork Tocino Meal. Costing the same at Php 160.00 (US$ 3.80), meal includes a cup of rice, slices of pork tocino (something that tastes like ham for those unfamiliar), fried egg with slices of tomatoes and a piece of chocolate cake as well. I have to say that the saltiness of the fried egg compliments the sweetness of the meat. Four stars out of five stars for this meal.

Lastly the All Beef Salisbury Steak. Among the three I think this is the most flavorful. Even though it’s just a fancy name for burger, the patty’s flavor was greatly enhanced by the gravy. The meal included a cup of rice, with a side dish of mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. For dessert I got a slice of delicious Ube Cake. A very tasty food costing Php 160.00 (US$ 3.80), five out of five stars.

I definitely would recommend you eating here than the more congested place.

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