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Slammers Burgers is actually just an offshoot of the original business of brothers Darren Dy, a graduate of Center for Culinary Arts, and Patrick Dy, an Entrepreneurial Management Graduate from UA&P. That business venture was Belgian Fries which they still serve along with other entrees on their menu.

I cannot find anything on the date of origin for Slammers Burgers but the business they started out with were stalls that sold deep fried potato slices calling them Belgian Fries and as far as my research skills could lead me they started around 2004, naming their company Potbelly Incorporated.

The location of this particular Slammers Burgers outlet is in SM City Masinag, and as you can see from the pictures it can literally squeeze in around 30 people, a bit tight for my standards. But since we were the first customers there I’d figure I’d give the food a try.

Now I feel it’s important to emphasize that they did start out just selling Belgian Fries and the real selling point here is the varied sauces and dips that go with it and not the fries. For goodness sakes they’re just fried potatoes. Although they say that what distinguishes Belgian from what we know as French Fries is that the potatoes should be fresh, not refrigerated, and fried twice so that it is crunchy outside and fluffy on the inside. But frankly speaking I failed to notice the difference from what I had there from other fries I ate.

First one on my chopping block is Carmelized Onion Meal costing Php 155.00 (US$ 3.71). This contains 2 pieces of said burger sandwiches, about 15-20 gms. serving of fries with 3 dips of our choice which I will review later, and a 230 ml. bottle of apple flavored C2 green tea . The Carmelized Onion burger tasted something like a beefsteak or beef stew sandwich, not bad if you like that kind of taste.  3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Next is the Bacon Mushroom Melt Meal. At the same price of Php 155.00 (US$ 3.71), I found this much more enjoyable, then again it could be just my preference for bacon, mushroom and cheese. My only negative critique about this burger sandwich, as with the other is that the bread seemed a bit stale. My guess is the buns were old stocks, something management should probably check from time to time. So because of that, I can just give 4 out of 5 stars.

Their Belgian Fries were just like any plain regular fries I had, what really stood out for me were the dips. The Cheesy Dip was smooth and tangy. The Roasted Garlic was okay, a bit sweet and salty. What I really loved though was the Sour Cream & Chives dip. Excellent dip guys. Five out of five stars.

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