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If there’s one thing about food that I can appreciate other than excellent taste is consistency. Yes there are other establishments out there that serve comparably better tasting pizzas out there, but some just can’t maintain the quality. I’d rather go in a restaurant knowing full well the taste I’ll get, arguably not the best, but still palatable than be suddenly surprised at how the usual food you ordered somehow degraded.

I proudly give you 3M Pizza. Established in 1969 by Merle B. Hemedes, this pizza is synonymous to good times when the Philippines was still a growing economy and people had simpler pleasures. I can still remember grabbing a bite from a slice of these when I was a boy in high school, ogling girls at our school fair, back when the only cheeses I knew where cheddar and cheese spread.

It may not have been mozzarella, but I didn’t know any better so I couldn’t care less. All I know is I appreciated the taste it had mixed with the few pieces of ham and pineapple bits. And that was the taste I could remember of better times when the world was a bit more innocent.

Merle’s little kiosk outside her family’s toy shop in Araneta Arcade, soon grew as her other two sisters, Minerva  B. Miller and Milagros B. Villar joined in, hence the name 3M. After a while her other sister, Leandra P. Pascual entered the enterprise.

Fast forward to today, the world is complex. Kids are basically born brats until they develop character, and food is quite diverse. Guess what? 3M still tastes the same as they did years ago and I absolutely appreciate it. They’re menu may have diversified a bit, but they still retain the same taste I grew up with, and I’m not at all disappointed.

The place where we ate was small, to say the least, and lacked an ample air conditioning unit. Renting out a space in Marikina Sports Complex, I wouldn’t recommend it for claustrophobic people but I didn’t mind because I value privacy more while eating. It makes me feel I’m eating at an exclusive restaurant and I can just be myself while eating.

Image of Sto. Niño

To our foreign friends, don’t get freaked out with images of whatever we think guides and protects our well-being placed on store fronts. It doubles as a lucky charm, unfortunately. Did I just make an irony?

First one I will review is their Supreme Pizza. I ordered the Mega size which is their fancy way of saying 18 inches. Costing Php 310.00 (US$ 7.75 approximately), this pizza has heaps of cheese, cheddar if my taste buds are correct, ground beef, pepperoni, mushrooms and pineapple bits. I’d say the mixture is pleasant, and add the nostalgia for me, it is very enjoyable. For first time tasters, you may be delightfully surprised. Other well known restaurants can learn a lesson from 3M. Consistency, consistency, consistency. I give four out of five stars.

Next up is their Spaghetti. At Php 50.00 (US$ 1.25 approximately) a plate, it is served with a garlic bread stick. Again I need to emphasize, this spaghetti is the Filipino version. It is an excellent example of a sweet and sour like taste of Filipino spaghetti with chunks of hotdogs mixed in. Those who enjoy a true Italian spaghetti may shun this product altogether but as far as Pinoy spaghetti taste is concerned, they do it perfectly. My rate is four out of five stars.

For those who would care to know we ordered a 1.5 liter of Coke at Php 60.00 (US$ 1.50) which amply quenches four persons’ thirsts.

For franchise opportunities visit their site and become part of growing business venture.

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