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The fact that Yellow Cab Pizza was founded by A Filipino entrepreneur, Eric Puno, and started out here in the Philippines in 2001 came as a shock to me. I was so used to the this type of taste coming from the two foreign based pioneers (Shakey’s and Pizza Hut) that my mind failed to comprehend that an excellent recipe could actually be enough to ensure success; That and an excellent marketing strategy and way cool packaging.

This establishment that we ate in is in Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan. And unlike the other Yellow Cab branches I’ve dined in before such as Megamall, Blue Wave, and Glorietta, this branch at the time we ate were extra attentive. There was this pretty attendant that always asked if we needed anything else (the blurry one) even if she were a bit way off our table and just caught our glances when we needed something. Too bad I didn’t catch her name, that girl deserved a raise and a promotion. Customer service was excellent. Five out of five stars.

Waiting for our order with friends Victor Mina (left) and Patrick Mejia (right).

Too bad she wasn’t there when we ate there again. The attendants weren’t that attentive. Oh well, at least the food still was great. Ambience wise, I really like the look of every Yellow Cab place, and the place in Greenhills was amply spacious though could have been wider. Place is four out of five stars.

Regarding the Manhattan Meatlovers, as per every pizza Yellow Cab has, the taste was superb. I’m always amazed as why I feel full with their pizza as say compared to other’s pizza with the same price. I think Yellow Cab’s pizza dough is quite rich and their toppings are always generous.

Every morsel is tasty. I especially like the pepperonis, salami and bacon, though these are not the only meat on the dish. It also contains ground beef and Italian sausage, not to mention the most incredible cheese in the world, mozzarella! Current price is Php 810.00 (US$ 19.56) for the 18 inches we ordered. My rating for this, five out of five stars.

My only critique with all Yellow Cabs is that I wish they’d consider putting up soda fountains for softdrinks instead of selling them by the can which I think may lessen the cost. My Sola Lemon Iced Tea costs about Php 55.00 (US$ 1.33).

While we were waiting for our food to digest we indulged in a little craft we often did in the past which was creating “questionable” art composed of choice packaging from our orders.  I started out creating a replica of the soda cup from Aqua Teen Hunger Force but my friend quickly developed it into a Manger Scene. Just in time for the Christmas season, don’t you think? Art rating is two out of five stars. XD

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