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Chic Boy FinalThe name of the restaurant is a word play on local slang connoting a philanderous male but in the establishment’s usage it just means their two main meat dishes, “Chic” for chicken and “Boy” derived from the Filipino word “baboy” for pig.

CbAmbience01Most Chic-Boy restaurants are quite spacious and not as congested as the other well-known grilled chicken diner which is why I probably will never eat there. I absolutely hate eating in crowded places. Don’t get me wrong, Chic-Boy’s tables all get occupied during lunch and dinner time, but unlike the other restaurant where there is a danger of kissing the other table’s occupants due to the proximity of each table, here there is ample space to move.

CbAmbience02Chic-Boy is owned and operated by the popular Pier One Bar and Grill. Recognizing the popular taste of their grilled products offered in their pubs, they diversified a bit to cater to daytime patrons in 2010 and has since exponentially grew to one hundred and twenty six diners. This one is located at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall.

ChickenInasal01The more favorite dish would be the Chicken Inasal. A Visayan dish distinguished by its marinate mix of several local herbs and spices such as calamansi (local lime), lemongrass, coconut vinegar and fish sauce. Grilled until the chicken is brown and the meat is juicy while basting in annatto seeds oil and butter.

ChickenInasal02As is, it is already tasty, as most Filipino dishes thus we partner them with a hot steaming cup of bland rice. But most Filipinos still crave the need to dip this grilled dish in a mix of soy sauce, vinegar and garlic oil. This particular dish costs about Php 99.00 (US$ 2.43). The serving is half the torso of an average size chicken less the neck so is quite large, hence the unlimited rice you can ask to finish the whole piece. Don’t worry; you can always have it bagged to take home. My rate is five out of five stars.

Liempo02On to the next dish which is Inihaw na Liempo. Inihaw is the Filipino or Tagalong word for grilled and Liempo means pork belly. It’s a pretty straight forward translation, right? It is basically marinated in the same way minus the basting.

Liempo01This used to cost as much as the chicken dish but now it costs a little more. Php 115.00 (US$ 2.82), I had around three cups of rice to finish this dish and essentially almost burst my stomach. I also opted for the bottomless lemon iced tea that cost Php 35.00 (US$ 0.86). I drank as much as four tall glasses. My rate for both is five out of five stars.


My friends Patrick Gil Mejia (left) and Victor Mina (right).

For interested parties, franchise is available.


The new Chic-Boy image model.

Affordable prices, delicious food, attentive staff and roomy dining areas, what more can you ask for? Five out of five stars for the place.

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