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Taco Bell 02Taco Bell has come a long way from Bell’s Drive-in, a hotdog stand from which the owner, Glen Bell, started out with in 1946 at the age of 23. He had grand visions of making it big with hotdogs and burgers in his hometown of San Bernardino California but as fate would have it, so did Richard and Maurice Mcdonald (yes the owners of the richest clown in the whole world) who were fellow residents.2012-09-20 20.03.49He had no choice but to diverse from his original plan and what he came up with were tacos. He sold his first hotdog stand and made another but now with tacos on the menu in 1952. His first serious attempt in the taco business was Taco Tia in 1954 with a partner in John Gallardi. From taco stands they grew into restaurants and when he felt he needed to expand further into new locations while his partner didn’t, he started another new taco business with four new associates and turned out El Taco in 1955.2012-09-20 19.09.13

As testament to his taste and vision both Taco Tia and El Taco are still operating and have loyal Californian patrons. He eventually sold all his rights to both businesses and struck out on his own in 1962 with Taco Bell. By 1975 it ballooned to 868 outlets and in 1978 sold the company to PepsiCo with a clause they make him a major stockholder in their own. Pretty darn good deal if you ask me.2012-09-20 19.07.19Taco Bell Philippines started out in 2004 in Gateway Mall, Quezon City where we ate. The place is quite expansive, not to mention attractively decorated, well to me anyway. By my estimate they can cater to as much as 90 persons at a single time and the service is relatively quick. Ambiance is five stars and service is four out of a perfect five.2012-09-20 19.15.092012-09-20 19.14.56We ordered a packaged meal good for two consisting of one Grande Meat Nachos Supreme, two Barbecue Potato Bites and two Gordita Supreme Beef and two refillable drinks costing us Php 379.00 (US$ 9.32). Except for the Gorditas and drinks, I would have wanted the servings for the rest to be bigger.2012-09-20 19.25.53As for the taste, I found the Grande Meat Nachos Supreme to be a bit sour and really is not to my liking, though it may just be my preference but this is the first Mexican type food I found not appetizing. Two out of five stars is my rate.

2012-09-20 19.23.20I really liked the Barbecue Potato Bites, still I think they should have added a few more pieces for me to consider I have gotten my money’s worth. Then again, my friend paid for it! XD This gets four stars.2012-09-20 19.29.312012-09-20 19.29.50With the Gordita Supreme Beef, I’m disappointed to say the least. Talk about false advertising. There was not enough ground beef and lettuce to make a proper meal. As for the cheese, well you can see from the pictures that they seem non-existent, and true enough I hardly tasted any. My rate is two and a half stars.2012-09-20 19.21.09

2012-09-20 19.20.41As for the Churros, we added this dessert as a whim but were glad we did when we saw that the actual servings were far from the pictures. The Churros are basically fried pastry dough and the real flavor comes from the chocolate dip in this instance.  I give three out of five stars.2012-09-20 19.08.05All things taken in consideration, I wouldn’t mind dining there again. Hopefully their U.S. counterparts make their meals a lot more tasteful, but if I’m really hankering for Mexican food, I would probably go somewhere else.2012-09-20 19.08.31
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