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ChanselTry as I might, I cannot find any information on the origins of Chansel Pizza Huas. Other than what I’ve read on comments of other Blogs that claim this business was already established in 2007, there is no other information I can come up with. Not even a link for franchise opportunities. Oh well, I guess if you want to know how to acquire a franchise you just have to ask the store clerks there.2012-10-14 12.36.12It’s ironic that Chansel has quite a number of stalls already but not one establishment they can call their own, taking into consideration their name is Chansel Pizza Haus I think they should invest in making even a small haunt for themselves. This kiosk is located in the basement level of Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall in Cainta, Rizal, Philippines.Chansel 08Chansel 01As far as affordability goes, their pizzas are very reasonable. Their Pepperoni Pizza isn’t exactly heaping with the processed meat but it does have a generous cheese topping on its ten-inch crust. And though the cheese isn’t mozzarella it is made by Kraft, a world leader in dairy products and well known for their cheddar cheese. At Php 133.00 (US$ 3.27) a pop, it’s not a bad deal.P1010840 copyAside from the pepperoni and cheese, they also have included slices of button mushrooms and white onions. I need to point out to our foreign readers though, this isn’t Italian in taste, but is more of a fusion of our own Filipino preferences on top of a basic pizza. My only critique about this pizza, as well as all the other variants they have, is that the size is a bit small for my choice, but in terms of taste I rate this as four and a half stars out of a five.Chansel 09The Hawaiian Pizza variant costing Php 121.00 (US$ 2.97) is simply a ham pizza with chunks of pineapple and slices of bell peppers as well as white onions. The pineapple chunks give the pizza a refreshing taste and the crunch of the bell peppers are a perfect combination for me, and for those who aren’t used to sweet tasting pizzas don’t ditch this taste altogether for you may still enjoy it. My rating is three and a half stars out of five.P1010833 copy2012-10-14 12.29.41

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