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Steak EscapeNot much information is available about Steak Escape here in the Philippines except for an early food review about it in 2010. I was surprised to hear that the name “Steak Escape” is also a well known restaurant in the United States. Now I’m wondering whether the owners of our local Steak Escape are aware of this.Steak Escape05There are no diners or restaurants, as far as I know, that our own Steak Escape has built, only kiosks situated inside the food galleries of big malls. This food gallery in EDSA Shangri-La Mall is nonetheless very spacious. So I didn’t mind there were lots of people eating so long as they were a few meters away from my table.Steak Escape02I ordered the Burger Steaks and Franks which came with one order of their version of Java rice. The two pieces of burgers, hotdog and rice, smothered in gravy was served hot on a sizzling plate, a bit too hot for my taste. The meal nearly burned my tongue. The picture on the menu showed it being served with mixed vegetables as a side order, but as you can tell from the photos, it was virtually non-existent.Steak Escape04The taste was good enough, but it won’t be winning any culinary medals anytime soon. I still would regard it as good value for your money since the meal cost about Php 89.00 (US$ 2.19). And, being Asian, I naturally had a weakness to compliment the meat on the plate with an extra order of Java rice priced at Php 20.00 (US$ 0.49). And to down it all I got a large cup of orange flavored soda, Royal Tru-Orange, available only here in the Philippines manufactured here by Coca-Cola Philippines and is probably akin to Fanta orange flavored soda in the U.S. The drink cost me Php 30.00 (US$ 0.74).Steak Escape01My verdict on the meal is three and a half stars out of a perfect five.Steak Escape06

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