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Tapsi Ni Jappo FinalWhile my daughter and I were going home from jogging, we noticed a small place selling Tapsilog. Now I have already explained what “Tapsilog” is in an earlier blog but for those new to my articles “Tapsilog” is an abbreviation of three words; tapa, sinangag and itlog. “Tapa” is traditionally beef jerky here in the Philippines but is also available in other types of meat such as pork, goat, lamb and other domesticated farm animals.2013-03-11 09.02.39Jerky is just an old method of early civilization to preserve meat products in the absence of refrigeration technology. It essentially is the method of drying up the meat and adding salt to prevent fermentation due to bacteria. Oddly enough, this old method of preserving is still the best to my mind because it indefinitely preserves the meat, specially combined with vacuum packaging.Panoramic ViewOkay, enough of history lessons. Tapsi Ni Jappo will probably never branch outside barangay San Roque, let alone Marikina City, but if you live near this place it’s worth your time to visit. As you can see, the place is a bit small but very cozy. Pasting tiles on top of the plastic tables is ingenious, it absolutely made the tables look classier. That alone deserves five stars. This small diner is located near the  corner of J.P. Rizal street and N. Roxas street in San Roque, Marikina City. I’m totally digging this place, what would have been better was a little more ventilation so four out of five stars.2013-03-11 08.50.00Before I review the food I would like to note the packaging that it came with. So okay, it wasn’t eco-friendly paper but I did like it because they didn’t scrimp on the container if people wanted take out. And get this, they deliver, though I’m guessing restricted in their vicinity only. I do hope this establishment endures and eventually achieve some sort of success.2013-03-11 08.57.04Jappo01So for the food, the beef was good. There’s too many places out there serving Tapsilog but the beef were served into either flakes or bits. I don’t know about you but I like to chew my food, not swallow it straight. So they did the meat just right, even without vinegar and soy sauce, the usual condiment that goes with this, it was perfect for my taste.Jappo02The fried rice, or “sinangag” was just right. Not too salty, right amount of garlic and was fluffy. The slices of cucumber and tomato just add to the variety of flavors that make it such a treat. Topping everything of is a fried egg; “itlog” in our native tongue. This might be a bit too greasy for some folks but hey, it’s nothing a 4 kilometer jog won’t cure. Taste is five out of five stars.Jappo04This complete rice meal is only priced at Php 45.00 (US$ 1.10), a steal compared to the more popular “Tapsilog” joints that sell them for about Php 100.00. So Marikeños support your own and give a chance for this newbie establishment. Price is five out of five stars.2013-03-11 08.52.38
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