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Burgoo Logo 01As far as I can tell, Burgoo is a relatively new chain of restaurants that started out early 2007 in Blueridge, Quezon City, Philippines. There’s really not much data out there about this restaurant even on their official website. And as I discovered there is a Canadian restaurant that already had the name Burgoo as early as 2001 so as long as they don’t intend to establish Burgoo in Canada they won’t have problems.Burgoo007

Turns out, the term Burgoo is an American stew cooked for large social gatherings, and has absolutely nothing to do with burgers. Claimed to have started as early as 1700’s, it’s still an integral part of American culture as they cook this during events as swap meets and charities.Burgoo003

Burgoo currently has nine branches and we ate at their SM Marikina City location. This particular branch can accommodate up to seventy people by my own estimates. Tables are spaced too near each other for me but luckily the table I chose was at the back and was not that congested at the time.Burgoo009

The wall décor is a hodgepodge of pictures, posters and hangings of American memorabilia that it just comes out as disingenuous and trying too hard. I do appreciate the soft lighting that just helps you relax, an integral part for me to enjoy your meal. My rate for the place is four out of five stars.Caesar Salad005

Their Caesar Salad was authentic as far as I can tell. People sometimes mistake Caesar Salad with having chicken and bacon, theirs did not and tasted heavenly. The Romaine lettuce was crisp and the dressing had perfect tang. The one thing that they could probably improve on is the croutons. I read in a recipe that in preparing croutons properly for Caesar salad is that the bread should be torn and not sliced. That way the rough edges of the bread catch the dressing.Caesar Salad003

I ordered the large sized Caesar Salad which costs Php 425.00 (US$ 10.06) but I found the servings a little less than what they claim which should have been good for four people. It was delicious but less in quantity than what I had hoped for. My rating is four and a half stars.Louisiana Pizza003

Next on our review is the Louisiana Pizza. Priced at Php 475.00 (US$ 11.24), this meal is pizza Cajun style.  Similar to Chicken Alfredo pasta in taste sans the pasta and zucchini and add in tomatoes and cayenne pepper and top all that on a pizza dough.Louisiana Pizza005

There are enough chicken chunks to distinguish this pizza and the cream and Parmesan compliment everything. As with the salad, I opted for the large one which probably was a foot in diameter. I would have wanted it bigger because the two slices just didn’t fill me enough. My pizza rating is five out of five stars for taste.Bottomless001

We downed everything with bottomless glasses of lemon iced tea and lemonade at Php 69.00 (US$ 1.63). Considering I drank at least 4 glasses myself, I’d say it was money spent wisely. I’m not sure if the tea was made fresh or instant but it did taste fine, same with the lemonade. My rate for the drinks is four out of five stars.Burgoo002
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