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Giligan's RestaurantFor those who are wondering why this restaurant is one letter “L” short from the name of the comedy show, Gilligan’s Island, it’s because it’s a combination of that show and the business patriarch’s name Guilermo. My guess is it’s a means to avoid any registration disputes when they began in 1997.

2014-02-09 12.54.17

Ship’s Wheel

From their website they explained they wished to imbue the feeling you are traveling on a ship, hence the ship’s wheel, the overhanging ropes, maps and other ship themed artifacts. The waiters even wear bandanas; I guess to look like pirates. Sadly though, it didn’t inspire me with thoughts of nautical travels.

Tables and Seats

Tables and Seats

2014-02-09 12.53.31Space is quite plentiful since there are numerous tables that by my estimates could adequately accommodate more than a hundred people. The lighting is okay, not blindingly bright but just enough to relax your eyes. This one is located in SM City Masinag.

The F3 Meal. They had to remove the extra plate of Barbecue which was a mistake on their part.

The F7 Meal. They had to remove the extra plate of Barbecue which was a mistake on their part.

We opted for group meal F7 which consisted of four (4) sticks of Pork Barbecue, Grilled Bangus Belly, Sizzling Peppery Steak, a number of cut Lumpiang Shanghai, a big plate of rice and four (4) large glasses of lemon Iced Tea, everything for a mere Php 628.00 (US$ 13.96). We added Php 36.00 (US$ 0.80) for unlimited rice. We had four big plates of rice by the way. Carb blow out!

Notice how the servings look larger on the poster.

Notice how the servings look larger on the poster.

Now let me tell you frankly, the pictures on their website, as well as on the restaurant posters, is not accurate. The pictures show very large portions, but in reality they are not that big, adequate yes, but not plentiful to the point of busting your gut.

2014-02-09 12.56.03The Lemon Iced Tea tasted fine. It did not taste like a those made from powdered drinks which most restaurants do here. Three stars for this drink.

2014-02-09 13.02.38There was nothing special about the Pork Barbecue, pretty decent in terms of taste. Like most Filipino dishes, they are either sweet and sour or salty and sour; barbecues here are sweet. The ones we ate were served with “Kang Kong” atchara also known as pickled water spinach. Some pieces of meat were not of high quality because we chewed on some that had rubbery strands of tendon, so I give it two and a half stars. Average.

IMG_20140209_125851Next on our plate is the Grilled Bangus Belly. Among the dishes cooked, this was my least desired. I don’t mind eating fish; it’s just that I would have wanted the fish to have been marinated. It tasted like boiled fish and the fact it wasn’t deboned properly did not help. It was served with a soy sauce dip but even with the dip I did not enjoy it; one star out of five.

2014-02-09 12.57.20The Sizzling Peppery Steak was served with bean sprouts and it tasted a bit like the Pork Barbecue, only it had more sauce spread over the hot plate. The pieces were sliced thin so even if the meat still had some tendon, it wasn’t gamey. My rate for this dish is four out of five stars.

2014-02-09 12.57.31And now for what I consider as the star of the feast, the Lumpiang Shanghai or better known in the western world as spring rolls. It is basically minced meat with vegetables wrapped in rice paper and then deep fried to a golden brown. Served with sweet and sour dip, the dish is very tasty even if you do not use it. I rate this five out of five stars.

My beautiful daughter.

My beautiful daughter.

IMG_20140209_134901Overall I’d say the experience was okay. I want to reserve my final judgment after I’ve sampled some other dishes like roast pork and some of the soups but I still would encourage you to try and eat here based on the dining area and the polite service.2014-02-09 13.49.38

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